Temple Swallows

for TrioPolis:  

Felix Olschofka, violin - Kimberly Cole Luevano, clarinet - Anatolia Ioannides, piano

around cedar beams

temple swallows flit and swoop

shiny bronze flashes

      - Yogi Brahmasamhara



for the Arditti Quartet


Ecstatic Aspen

for piano solo - recorded by Hilary Demske at the Blue Griffin Studios


Fera Machina

for harpsichord and string quartet

Derek Tam, harpsichord and Elevate Ensemble conducted by Chad Goodman

When I wrote this piece, I decided not to take myself so seriously. I wrote it quickly and spontaneously rather than agonizing over every note as I normally do. I just had fun writing and I think you can see that the fabulous players had fun performing. Playing music should sometimes be just that: play!



for violin and interactive electronics - performed by Felix Olschofka


Phoenix, was created from a desire to put the performer in control of the electronics in such a way that the audience may perceive a causal and meaningful relationship between the energy and motion of the playing of the instrument and the electronic sounds that are produced and controlled by that playing.

The patch (in Max/MSP) is a “plug and play” interface with the performer.  Anything that the patch can do can happen any time the performer chooses by playing in the particular ways that the patch responds to.  Once the patch is turned on the player is free to interact with it even if he or she has no previous knowledge of the patch.  There is no need for a second party to operate the electronics.  The violin turns into a new instrument and the performer learns to play in a new way.