Benjamin Sabey

  "...Benjamin Sabey writes music that reveals a brilliant technique and a keen ear for sound, timbre and arc..."  continue reading

- Gramophone August 2015

          "There is no sense of formalism, of merely sounding or resounding shapes for their own sake. Yet the sound is almost fiercely controlled by what we might call an imposed functionality, although one that rarely rises to the surface.  It feels submerged just beneath a flickering surface.  Still, the language of each work has its distinct dialect, which, like all strongly regional dialects, subverts the 'rules' (of grammar, syntax, conjugation, etc.) to fluid, colorful idiomatic expressivity.  'Merely' linguistic structure submits to sonorous personality...."  continue reading

- liner notes by Michael Hicks

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Ecstatic Aspen: piano solo for Hilary Demske
Voyage: a madrigal for the Neue Vocalsolisten